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Believe it or not, the key to your greatest success is not about you. The key to your greatest success is about what your customers feel about you and your business. All About Them is all about how to create your real success by concentrating on your customer.

The most profitable companies, the most powerful politicians, and the most successful salespeople live by three powerful words because they know that when they focus on their customers instead of themselves their businesses flourish.

All About Them will show you exactly how to use this simple but extremely powerful influence technique to:

  1. Find the one captivating component that sets your brand apart,
  2. Build your own competetive, compelling brand,
  3. Attract your best customers and potential customers, and
  4. Compel them to buy.

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  3. BONUS #2 – The Five P’s of Marketing Checklist to help you instantly discover – and fix – the weak links in your branding strategy for the ultimate success.
  4. BONUS #3 – Scaling the Pyramid to Success – a proven formula used by some of the most successful brands in the world to climb to the top. It will work just as well for you!

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Bruce Turkel All About Them

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What today’s best business writers are saying about All About Them


“Buckle up. Bruce’s book is a rollercoaster of riotous righteousness on branding, positioning, marketing, and the mighty madness of messaging.”

-Randy Gage, author of Risky Is The New Safe and Mad Genius


“For sheer charm, there is nothing like a new book from Bruce Turkel. All About Them made me laugh out lough in the first chapter, but the magic is that you are learning from the get-go.”

-Chris Crowley, author of Younger Next Year


“Do you ever wonder why some brands rocket to the top and why others are everlastingly powerful and profitable? Bruce’s book will teach you how to finally master the branding game!”

-Susan Ford Collins, author of The Joy of Success


“If you can picture the bizarre lovechild of Jerry Seinfeld and Maureen Dowd (although much taller) you have Bruce Turkel. His techniques will enable you to be kindly considered and proactively sought.”

-Alan Weiss, PhD, author of Million Dollar Consulting and Million Dollar Maverick


“Being a news anchor, I’m always looking for the simple truth. Bruce Turkel reminded me of what Dale Carnegie taught over eighty years ago: You can accomplish more developing an interest in others than trying to get others interested in you.”

-Melissa Francis, host, Fox Business’ After The Bell and author of Diary of a Stage Mother’s Daughter


“A must read for modern marketers who want to cut through the noise, forge deep connections, and create memorable experiences.”

-Tim Sanders, author of Dealstorming and Love Is The Killer App


“A brilliant guide to becoming an icon. Bruce Turkel is the branding expert of branding experts.”

-Jeffery Meshel, author of One Phone Call Away and The Opportunity Magnet


“Bruce Turkel flips conventional wisdom on its ear and proves with passion, flair, and relevant examples that selflessness equals success…even in business.”

-Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert and author of Hug Your Haters