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Merry Christmas to More

TURKEL is a travel and tourism branding agency with a mission so important we put it on our luggage. But over Thanksgiving there was a mix-up at the airport and our mission got scrambled. But now you’re here to help us. Visit our site here and put the luggage tags in the right order. If you do it correctly you might win a chance to help those [...]

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Great review of a great book.

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found this great review of my book, Building Brand Value, on the Beyond Madison Avenue blog. Because I believe in always celebrating the good stuff, I thought a quick blog post was in order. Thanks for indulging me! And thanks for the great review!!

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Interesting Use Of Negative Space or Negative Use Of Interesting Space?

The London-based branding design company, Enterprise IG, part of the WPP Group, decided it was time to change their name and logo. Their solution is “The Brand Union. Those of you who are students of logo design have seen lots of examples where letters are replaced by their negative spaces. Two triangles replacing the “N” is a pretty common device (I used it years ago for an [...]

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