You Have To Be Cheapest Or Be Best

Another brilliant blog post by my friend Andrew Jaffee: Motorola is one of America’s proudest brands. Started by the brothers Galvin in Chicago in 1928 as a battery company, it moved to manufacturing car radios, hence the name a combination of “motor” and “Victrola.” In 1943 the company went public, after producing the first walkie-talkie for the military and all kinds of cellular infrastructure that made possible [...]

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Evolution of mobile phones

In my presentation on Building Brand Value, I talk about the evolution of mobile phones. Cecelia Besu from The Keyes Company heard my spiel and sent me the link to this cool comprehensive video on the history of cell phones. See how many of them you owned! Thanks, Cecelia.

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Obama Wins Marketer of the Year

A gathering of over 700 marketers and advertising sorts down in Orlando for an ANA conference have voted Barack Obama as Ad Age's Marketer of the Year. Obama beat out Apple, Zappos and, yes, John McCain. Complete story here.

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