All About Them

It’s not the most attractive image, I know. But I got up from the table with something stuck in my teeth. I walked through the dining room to the front counter, looking for the little cup filled with toothpicks. I circled the front desk and reception area a few times before I gave up and asked the young woman behind the counter if they had toothpicks. “Of [...]

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Three Simple Steps to Being a Writer.

Lots of people have trouble writing. I guess that’s why folks often ask me how I’m able to write books and blog posts. Apparently, they think there’s some undisclosed magic, some professional insight, that’ll unlock access to their inner author. If you’ve tried to blog regularly, or maybe you know you have the next great American novel locked inside you, perhaps you’re one of the people searching [...]

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A Whale of a Good Idea

Metaphors and allegories are often great ways to make complicated examples simple. In Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave,” the philosopher used the idea of prisoners chained to a wall and seeing only the shadows of other people to express the concept of actual and imagined realities. Only when the prisoners were freed and encountered actual people were they able to understand the difference for themselves. Business [...]

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