Branding Yourself

Do No Evil. Unless You Do.

For years Google has crowed about their code of conduct, “Don’t be evil.” In 2015 they doubled down on the concept, if not the actual words, when they introduced their new tagline “Do the right thing.” As the company explains in their code of conduct, ““Employees of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and its subsidiaries and controlled affiliates should do the right thing — follow the law, act [...]

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Believe In Your Brand

Believe In Your Brand I’m sitting with a potential client who is building a nascent software company that might – or might not – be the next great discovery in his particular industry. The problem is Mr. Entrepreneur just got back from his investment road show and he’s still in sales mode. That means he can’t answer any question with a simple response. Instead he hems and haws, [...]

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The Three “E”s of Successful Public Speaking

How many times have you attended a speech and decided whether the speaker was worth listening to within the first few minutes of their pitch? Often they hadn’t even gotten deep enough into their presentation to present metrics worth judging but you’d already made your decision. The election season we all just sat through was an excellent example of this. Regardless of which side voters were on, [...]

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