Exploration, Examination, and Expression.

This morning I read one of my favorite blogs, Who Will Lead, written by my old friend John Calia. John was discussing how conflicted he felt about a recent radio appearance he had been on. Examining his feelings, John wrote, “…it has been a difficult journey to this imperfect place at which I behave imperfectly.  It is especially difficult in an era like this one, where what [...]

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Three Simple Steps to Being a Writer.

Lots of people have trouble writing. I guess that’s why folks often ask me how I’m able to write books and blog posts. Apparently, they think there’s some undisclosed magic, some professional insight, that’ll unlock access to their inner author. If you’ve tried to blog regularly, or maybe you know you have the next great American novel locked inside you, perhaps you’re one of the people searching [...]

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