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I Am Ready For Death

Owen Frager’s compelling review of Social Media’s significance: As Iranians defy Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s warning that there will be blood on the streets of Tehran if there are continued protests, it’s now clear that there are indeed extensive protests going on in Iran — and the latest is that two of the key social media sites on the Internet now have reports saying opposition candidate [...]

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Twittering, Jiwaiing, Taotaoing

“The biggest reason, especially for anyone looking to increase PR, is that Twitter gives you an easily broadcast, unique URL to an audience primed to receive messages of that very kind. Greetings Friends, Which social networking site you should be a part of and why? Tia** breaks it down and shows you how Twitter can be an effective tool to promote and sell your domain, product, business, [...]

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