No Brainers I Didn’t Have the Brains to Think of Myself.

I usually write posts about things I see happening and the resulting brand implications. But today’s post is different – it’s all about simple, no-brainer ideas that I didn’t have enough brains to think of myself. Blog Post Dating Blog posts live on the Internet forever. They are often discovered through organic search. For example, someone might search for “musical notation” or “language precision” and come across [...]

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Exploration, Examination, and Expression.

This morning I read one of my favorite blogs, Who Will Lead, written by my old friend John Calia. John was discussing how conflicted he felt about a recent radio appearance he had been on. Examining his feelings, John wrote, “…it has been a difficult journey to this imperfect place at which I behave imperfectly.  It is especially difficult in an era like this one, where what [...]

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