The World’s Most Perfect Destination

I travel so often that it wasn’t until my daughter was 13 or 14 that she figured out that shampoo comes in large bottles too. Because so much of that travel relates to building compelling tourism brands for destinations around the world, I often sit in the plane on the way home and think about how to construct the ultimate travel destination. We’d start with a tropical [...]

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How To Build Your Brand.

Last month I presented the keynote speech on building brands at the NSA Annual Convention in Philadelphia. Before you glance over your shoulder or check if your phone is tapped, this NSA stands for the National Speakers Association NOT the National Security Agency. Or as someone at the conference pointed out, “We’re the ones who talk, not the ones who listen.” Something I noticed was that when [...]

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The Profitable Business of Naming Storms

With summer finally showing its sweaty face, those of us who live in Florida are starting to hear about hurricanes again. Just this morning I heard about one of the first named storms of the year — Chantal — which is swirling its way out of Barbados and up towards the Greater Antilles. Newspaper, radio, and TV stations are inviting us to stay tuned for all of [...]

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