When the Student is Ready…

Somewhere around Y2K, I was introduced to Susan Ford Collins. When we first met, Susan gave me a copy of her latest book, The Joy of Success. Because I’m a little obsessed with reading, I dove right in and polished off the book in a weekend. It was well written and full of good information, but I can’t honestly say it made any great difference in my [...]

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Seeing Through Transparency

Seeing Through Transparency Legends and fairy tales have always been a great way of looking at what society finds both frightening or exemplary. For example, back in Medieval times, the plagues that spread unseen contagion fed the original vampire legends. And as recently as a few years ago a suspected vampire was beaten to death in modern Malawi because terrified villagers believed he was causing the unexplained [...]

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Algorithms vs. Elbow Grease.

Today’s battle between algorithms and elbow grease might just be the largest social experiment and reorganization of responsibility and renumeration humankind has yet experienced. But much like the mouse running around in a researcher’s maze, we don’t know which turn will get us to the cheese nor which one will lead us to a dead end.

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