Social Media for (not such) Dummies

Sarah’s question: “Hi Bruce, I have a personal question regarding social media. In a nutshell, I’m working to hone my social media skills; keeping up with the ever-changing industry and learning everything there is to know so that I can become an expert in the field. I want to know everything! But, as you know, it’s an extremely overwhelming industry and there is no textbook that is [...]

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The Beginning (Or The End) For Ad Agencies?

This speaks to the current POV that agencies who focus solely on brand building and marketing will have a hard time growing their business. Clients realize they can now do much of the marketing heavy lifting themselves — and very cheaply. Agencies who focus on providing content and building customer relationships via multiple distribution streams will be the big winners. MINT.COM – started at home by one [...]

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Branding Yourself

Via: Owen Frager With Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter becoming your defacto resume, and shaping the image how most will perceive you, our friend Jay Berkowitz shares a great read from the Brand Building Blog. To make it simple, branding yourself is about letting everyone know who you are and what are you specialized in. Branding yourself is part of the many things that will help you create [...]

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