It’s time to learn about Twitter

Maybe you've noticed the cryptic messages just to the left of this column. And maybe you've wondered what they are. Let me tell you -- they are my Twitter posts. Every year on the Internet, something breaks out in a huge way. And those that ride it make fortunes. Randy** says you've already heard the buzz about web 2.0 and social network sites. And the buzz is [...]

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Twittering, Jiwaiing, Taotaoing

“The biggest reason, especially for anyone looking to increase PR, is that Twitter gives you an easily broadcast, unique URL to an audience primed to receive messages of that very kind. Greetings Friends, Which social networking site you should be a part of and why? Tia** breaks it down and shows you how Twitter can be an effective tool to promote and sell your domain, product, business, [...]

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Michael Calienes Shares His Coffee Cup with 800 People

Here’s a brilliantly simple branding idea: Like lots of marketing people, Presence Engineer Michael Calienes uses Twitter to communicate with his clients and potential clients (±800 when I wrote this blog post). But unlike most Twitterers, Mike has figured out a simple way to brand himself. Mike’s avatar (an avatar is the picture that represents a user on Twitter) is a photograph of Mike drinking from a [...]

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