“Bruce’s true brilliance is summed up in these 3 points:

1. Bruce’s unique perspectives – he sees things differently; and
2. Bruce’s talent to present his ideas simply and succinctly; and
3. Bruce’s ability to get people excited, helping them improve their outcomes by applying his solutions to their lives and their businesses!

Get Bruce Turkel TODAY – on stage, in your boardroom and with your teams!”

“Bruce has these unique perspectives that create incredible solutions.  His solutions produce phenomenal RESULTS.  And, Bruce truly cares. 

I highly recommend the Bruce Turkel experience – seeing him speak or working with him and channeling his brilliance to your benefit.”

Daniel Martinez

CEO, Discovery Channel

“You were rated as the Conference’s top speaker and a very high percentage of attendees requested that we bring you back again.

You’re our #1 speaker for conferences!”

Susan Kacapyr

Program Manager, HOW Design Conference

“Bruce was the opening guest speaker of our annual marketing summit and was sincere, entertaining, educational and ‘real world’ in a way that our team really appreciated. We are beyond pleased that we selected Bruce to speak at our summit.”

Juan Rovira

Chief Marketing Officer, BACARDI USA

“Bruce is an incredibly gifted, engaging and dynamic speaker. His deep knowledge of the drivers of economic development and how best to use them to market yourself successfully make him unique.”

Alexandra Villoch

President & Publisher, Miami Herald Media Company


Interactive Harmonica Experience

Yet another amazing overview of Bruce Turkel on stage and the humble harmonica. Get a glimpse of the fun and memorable presentations Bruce gives.

TED Talk Book Signing Story

A brand is what people think about you while you’re not around! Bruce Turkel shares a short compelling story from his own life that illustrates how brands work. Watch the video to hear the rest.

We All Build Brands with Same Tools

Watch Bruce illustrate how the tools you use to build your brand don’t differ from what others have at their disposal. You just have to look at things a different way to make your brand work.

You Control Your Own Brand

Watch Bruce illustrate how your brand can spiral out of control because of one social media post. Are you in control of your brand? Watch the video to hear this funny and educational story.
Business Keynote Speaker

"Is That All there Is?"

Regardless of our successes, at some point in our lives we stop and ask ourselves, “Is that all there is?”

Bruce’s widely loved commentary and witty observations present a collection of engaging interviews with smart people who faced the same questions you are facing share their experiences.

You’ll discover personal stories of their own pivots – career changes, lifestyle shifts, and strategies for keeping life’s spark glowing. Every single one of them is presented to help you move forward in your own life.

“Bruce Turkel’s is a profound exercise in the practical that will help shake you out of your complacency and get you on your way to managing the inevitable life altering changes that we either choose to make or are forced upon us… The ball’s in your court. Use this book to focus on how to get it back over the net.”

Charles M. Dusseau

Former Secretary of Commerce, State of Florida

Forbes Mag October 2021

Forbes Magazine Article

“Is That All There Is? There’s More To Life Than Revenue and Stock Prices”

I was very surprised and pleased to see the ITATI article in the October Forbes magazine.

Check out the full article on the “Is That All There Is?’ book page.

All About Them

The best companies and the most successful salespeople live by a three-word mantra – “All About Them.” Discover how to create messaging that gets right to the heart of what matters to your consumers: their own self-interests.

“A must read for modern marketers who want to cut through the noise, forge deep connections, and create memorable experiences.”

Tim Sanders

Author of Love is the Killer App.

Is That All There Is? Books

Building Brand Value

Building your brand is part science and part art. But all the best brands in the world have seven things in common – the seven things you need to communicate more memorably, succinctly, irresistibly, and profitably.

“I’m taking my business in a new direction and just when I really need to get clarity and direction on things, up pops Bruce Turkel’s book Building Brand Value.  Perfect timing!  This fast paced, whack on the head book will help you get clear about who you are, what your message is, and how to reach the people you want to reach.

Building Brand Value will surprise you with its practical wisdom.  You’ll smack yourself on the forehead enough times to get a headache.  Plus, it’s an absolute kick to read!  Bruce Turkel has nailed it.  Bravo!”

Joe Calloway

Author of "Work Like You're Showing Off!"

Every day, in dozens of different ways, you’re sending a message out to the world…

A message that determines whether or not people are going to like you, help you, work with you, respect you, trust you, hire you, refer and promote you.

“Think about all the companies that you respect, the ones you buy from – the ones that you love… They have all figured out how to say what they do in 1, 2 or 3 words

The idea is – they stand for something:

Just Do It

Think Different

I’m Lovin’ It

If you can reduce that message to its simple most elemental essence, what you’ve done is created what I call Brand Shorthand.

“We have to stop thinking about function and start thinking about feelings and relationships.

If you can show your customer how your brand can help them be who they want to be, that’s where EVERYTHING CHANGES.

A good brand makes people feel good, but a GREAT BRAND makes people FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES.”

What Others Have To Say…


Bruce’s Current Articles – Watch or Read

What Makes You Different?

Marketing people and ad agencies talk about what makes you unique. They call it different things, “USP” maybe – your Unique Selling Proposition, or perhaps they’ll talk about your “X-Factor” or your “Black Box.” But what they’re all looking for uniqueness. Sadly, there aren’t too many things that are really unique.

Do Will Smith and Chris Rock Have Enough? Do you?

Will Smith and Chris Rock were offered very different opportunities at the Academy Awards the other night. What they did with those opportunities says volumes about both of them. What do their values, and their choices, say about you?

Can You Define Your Purpose?

As a direct result of researching, writing, and promoting my latest book, Is That All There Is? I’ve done a lot of reading about personal and employee purpose and satisfaction. And all of this research leads directly to an understanding of what companies need to do to keep their employees happy, productive, and employed.

Why is this compelling? 

Is the Great Resignation Affecting You?

FORTUNE Magazine says the Great Resignation has stunned many business owners and employers. Today nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers are looking to change jobs or leave the workforce altogether. Shifting from The Great Resignation to The Great Retention is a choice. The only question is who’s going to make it first – you or your employees?

How Kate McKinnon Uses the Power of Satire.

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon interrupted the show’s Weekend Update news segment to praise the hugely controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill passed by Florida’s House of Representatives. It was a brilliant and effective use of satire. McKinnon took a clearly directed action – Governor DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill – and flipped its meaning on its head to make her powerfully contrary point without criticizing or even disagreeing with the new law.

Why Volodymyr Zelensky is Everybody’s Hero.

Good versus bad; Truth versus lies; Right versus wrong. Like the best movies, the heroes and the villains in this story are blindingly obvious. But there’s something else at work – President Zelensky’s brave and brilliant mastery of the media…


Together With Turkel Strategic RoundTables

I’m a big believer in Strategic RoundTables!

Imagine having the opportunity to collaborate with an exclusive group of like-minded people, CEO’s, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, focused on achieving the highest results in every area of their lives.

And 12 weeks later you have deep, powerful and trusting relationships with a tremendous new group of collaborators, mentors and experts.

During those 12 weeks you gain honest feedback, confidence, support, inspiration, certainty, new perspectives, critical insights and even some challenges – into yourself and your business, continuously learning from others, and of course most importantly – acquiring long term friendships and connections.

Bruce Turkel leading a Mastermind

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