Refocus Your Content to Be All About Your Clients

BY BRUCE TURKEL, CPAE It’s funny. We spend so much time online that it’s become second nature. As a result, we’ve become incredibly dismissive of any website that doesn’t react in exactly the way we want. Photos load too slowly? We’re out of here. Images look bad on your phone or tablet? Sorry, I’m gone. Can’t find exactly what we’re looking for in seconds? Try another site. [...]

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Political Meme

The other morning I paged through my Instagram feed and stumbled across a political meme I disagreed with. It was a from a guy I’ll call “Ferrari Frank 345” (FF345).  Besides advocating a position clearly counter to my own, FF345’s post was mean-spirited, vulgar, and encouraged violence.  A few posts later I came across another nasty meme. It used the same lurid colors and vile sentiments. I knew [...]

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