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Whatever our circumstances, we inevitably find ourselves asking, “Is that all there is?”

That's what happened to me. Then I went on a discovery mission, starting with this book.

What's the book about? It's about each and every one of us. You and me. And everyone else who's wondered what to do next with the rest of our lives…

What does this mean for you?

Now is the best time to move, to act, to change.

Now is the best time to prove that you don't have to be defined by what you've done but instead by what you're yet to accomplish.

Now is the best time to prove that not only must the show go on, but that you're exactly the right person to make that happen.

  • Discover how to…


Less than 10 years ago the key to selling yourself was to promote how great you were. If you didn't blow your horn, who would? And unless you could afford a robust advertising campaign, selling yourself was the only way anyone could learn about you.

Today everything's changed. Today we each carry a thin wafer of silicon and glass that gives us immediate access to all the world's knowledge. And all of your potential clients and customers have access to this same . This means they can know everything about you before they even step into your business.

Success today requires you to turn the lens around and focus relentlessly on your .

Bruce's wildly entertaining presentation includes fascinating examples from Johann Sebastian Bach to The Wizard of Oz, from Andy Warhol's excess to the Toyota Prius' success, from the history of the Spanish Civil War to headlines ripped right out of today's paper.

Your audiences will be enlightened, entertained, and educated by Bruce's talk. They'll come away thanking you for a great event AND a great plan for their future. And your audiences will discover:

  • How to uncover the motivations of today's consumer.
  • The real leadership difference between features and benefits.
    Anymore and what has taken its place.
  • The critical difference between content and context, and how it can multiply your .
  • The special sales secrets that are hidden in plain sight.
    Why the traditional “Speeds & Feeds” sales strategy does not work anymore.


Learn the seven simple steps to building, maintaining, and communicating a great . Bruce provides entertaining anecdotes and real-world examples to illustrate the finer points of brand building. Add significant value to your products by making your products more valuable to your customers.

In this talk, your audiences will discover:

  • Why your brand is not about your company and why understanding this matters more than anything else you do.
  • The critical secret to move your brand from company-centric to consumer-centric.
  • How to determine your authentic truth and why it's more important than the function of your products or services.


BMW defines its brand essence with four words. , GE and Wal-Mart use three.

Barack Obama sold the most powerful product in the world with two: “Hope” and “Change.”

In this multi-media speech, Bruce shows you how to reduce your brand message to its most practical, actionable, and compelling essence. 

While they're laughing, your audiences will also be learning:

  • The three universal branding myths that are holding your company back.
  • The simple difference that sets all great apart, and
  • How to develop this game-changing difference for your brand.


Bruce Turkel leading a Mastermind

You don't need social media. You don't need a website. You don't need mobile applications. You need a strategy. But before you create noise, you've got to know what you're creating noise about and why anyone should care.

Bruce shows his audiences exactly how to build their brands online. He will show you how to take the best , tips, and techniques from the analog world and move them online where they will generate global interest and response.

Your audiences will discover:

  • Why an unfocused online presence is like a tree falling in a forest.
  • The danger of GMOOTs and how to avoid their traps.
  • How to build a powerful brand that will make a difference online.
  • How to tailor your message for each of the different social media.
  • How to get the most bang for your buck and increase the echo effect.

Jay Hember, CorpCom

“I can't even begin to say how awestruck I was by your presentation.”

Rick Tharp, TharpdidIt

“This guy is an incredibly inspiring speaker.”

Guy Nahmiach, Freeman Decorating Comp

“You remember how you felt when you bought your first pair of glasses?  How you could for the first time really see the definition on the trees with every leaf and branch.  I am now able to focus on the details and get rid of the clutter. Thanks for turning the lights on!”

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