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What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

Some of us work hard and achieve our dreams. We grow the business, raise and launch our kids, and settle in for the long haul. Some of us have our dreams interrupted – the market changes, a health crisis intervenes, we fail despite our best efforts, we make a mistake, or having reached our destination, we get bored. Whatever our circumstances, we inevitably find ourselves asking, “Is that all there is‽”

Thus begins the search. Do we go back to school? Do we start a new business? Do we retire?

While the challenges are different for each of us, the question is universal. And Bruce has arrived with answers. Bruce's widely-loved commentary and witty observations introduce a collection of engaging interviews with smart people who faced the same questions you are facing and are willing to share their experiences. You'll discover personal stories of their own pivots – career changes, lifestyle shifts, and clever strategies for keeping life's spark glowing. And every one of them are presented with the goal of helping you move forward in your own life.

Wondering what to do next? Start with this book!

Grow Your Business by Focusing on Others

The best companies and most successful salespeople live by a three-word mantra—”all about them”—because when they relentlessly focus their brand on their customers instead of themselves, their businesses flourish. All about Them shows readers how to use this simple but extremely powerful influencing technique.

Bruce Turkel, who has advised some of the world's greatest companies, including and Bacardi, lays the groundwork by relating his personal journey of discovery to the “All about Them” principle. He goes on to explore our technology-driven, hyper- connected culture; the power of storytelling (and story-selling); brand authenticity and transparency; and more.

  • Foreword by Bob Burg, “NYT Best-selling author of The Go-Giver.”
  • Available Hardcover and .
  • Available as Audiobook and MP3 CD.
  • Also available in Ukrainian.


Seven Simple Steps to Profitable Communications

Bruce Turkel explains how companies and individuals can build their brand value with simple, clear explanations, anecdotes, and illustrations.

“This book is one of the most reliable sources of information I've found about identity. The book takes the “voodoo” out of as a functional process.”  –  George McGinnis – California State University Professor of Graphic Design


  • Available Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle.
  • Available in a MP3 CD.
  • Also available in Spanish.


The Edge of Graphic Design

The New Design series celebrates some of the finest new design talents each featured city has to offer. This city-by-city tour is the insider's guide to dozens of design firms that are making an impact on the industry.
Selected by designers for designers, the work in these pages reveals what makes graphic design tick in the city of Miami.

Fresh, new, and vital, this is a valuable collection for all design professionals, from and media aficionados, to artists, educators, students, and all those with a strong interest in graphic design.

  • Available in Hardcover and Paperback.

The Advertising Design of Turkel Schwartz & Partners

Turkel Schwartz & Partners is an advertising agency. Our clients pay us to get people's attention. Since 1983 we have been creating messages that catch attention and present ideas – no matter how busy or distracted our audiences are.
Simple, powerful, often humorous messages break through the clutter and stick in the minds of the people we aim them at.

We call this kind of Brain Darts – the simplest, most-powerful messages that talk to our consumers in a way that they'll understand, appreciate, remember, and act on.
Easy? No.
Exciting? Certainly.
Successful? Absolutely.

Come take a trip through this book and look at some of the brain darts we've created over the last 15 years.

  • Available in both Hardcover and Paperback.

Mouth Of The South – Kindle Edition

Floyd Barbonell, the son of itinerant backwoods rednecks, makes a fortune selling photos of his ancestor's tattooed hide. Flush with the cash he hightails it to Miami to build a bigger con developing condominiums. Along the way Floyd happily tricks a number of hapless characters until a clumsy hit man sent to murder him kills the wrong guy. Who would want Floyd dead? One of his victims? His long-suffering wife? Someone from Floyd's past? The adventure rollicks along until Floyd finally meets his match in his cousin Trenton Harrison Phinias Barbonell the third.


  • Available on Kindle Only
Is That All There Is? in Miami
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All About Them on iphone

"If you're struggling with "what's next" for your life, this book is for you!"

5.0 out of 5 stars for Is That All There Is?

“Bruce gives the reader the best of both worlds–his own thoughts, stories, and words of wisdom–and then he brings in his cast of 14 experts from all walks of life, who have also experienced their own “is that all there is” moments, who share their thoughts in their own words. The pages practically turn themselves, as Bruce and his experts share story after story.”

– David Glickman

"Some can draw useful conclusions from unique vantage points."

5.0 out of 5 stars for All About Them

“There is far more here than the mechanics of marketing. Turkel's observations and techniques, many drawn from his unique and highly relatable experiences, resonate with the authenticity that only strong powers of observation and a sense of humor about one's self can inspire. Bruce's often funny trip through the wonderland of branding has had more than its share of Cheshire Cats and Mad Hatters, each a reminder that people decide with their hearts and souls more than with the cold logic of supply and demand.”

"Simple but strong and memorable."

5.0 out of 5 stars for Building Brand Value

“With so many books out there that talk circles around marketing, this seven step branding guide was clear, useful and most important, memorable. Really enjoyed the author's anecdotal approach as well as his refreshing style of writing. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read and brand principles to live by.”

– Mark D. Waks

"If you want to learn about design work done well, get this book."

5.0 out of 5 stars for New Design Miami

“I picked up this book after reading Brain Darts by the same author, and I'm glad I did. New Design Miami is a wonderful overview of the best of breed design work being done in a cutting edge city like Miami. It personifies how to deliver the true feeling in design that is palpable in a vibrant city.”

– Mace Horoff

"Life Changing!"

5.0 out of 5 stars for Brain Darts

“You could spend $100,000 to hire a branding expert or you could read this book and change the way you do business. Simple and straight forward with easy to follow implementable steps. If you can only own one book on branding, this is the one to get.”

– Patricia Poulos

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