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Bruce Turkel

​Bruce travels the world helping leaders and companies thrive in the brave new world of increased consumer expectations and choice. He helps his clients and audiences uncover creative solutions and messaging strategies that can futureproof their brands in a world of constant disruptive upheaval.

Bruce's clients include Fortune 500 companies and industry associations around the world. Bruce brings them creative solutions and shares those solutions through keynote speeches and company presentations. His concepts help inspire leadership and spark innovations that propel his clients to new levels of success.

Bruce founded Turkel Brands, a global consultancy that has worked with clients including Discovery Networks, Bacardi Limited, Miami, Jewish Health Systems, and more.

Bruce's fifth book, the best-selling , was chosen as one of Forbes' top ten business books of the year. Each week his blog explores innovation, leadership, and branding success. He is a frequent guest on Fox Business, CNN International, and CCTV (Chinese State Television) where he helps viewers understand the branding issues that affect their pocketbooks and their lives.

Currently, the sale of Turkel Brands set him on the road that developed into the book “Is That All There is?”

What I Do

Writing & Speaking on Building a Legacy


Bruce has spent a lifetime working with business innovators, company thought leaders, and the world's most exciting entrepreneurs. His purpose has always been to offer them new directions and consumer-facing insights to strengthen their brands and their businesses.


Thanks to his background as a performing musician, Bruce brings a new level of excitement and entertainment to the hundreds of keynote speeches he has delivered. Bruce tells stories, draws pictures, plays , and uses his other interactive talents and techniques to motivate his clients and audiences to step away from ordinary solutions and dig deep. Thanks to his innovative stage presence, the National Speakers Association awarded Bruce with its CPAE award and inducted him into their Speaker Hall of Fame. Bruce shares that prestigious honor with a small community of the 235 other best speakers in the world.


Bruce believes that the company that comes up with the most ideas comes up with the best ideas. And he believes that the best way to generate ideas is to encourage people to explore their own creativity. Bruce sees things differently than most business thinkers and uses that talent to show his clients and audiences new directions for their brands, their companies and their lives.


Bruce has written extensively on the breakthrough concept of in our post-function reality. In a world where a product or service's ability to do its job has become cost-of-entry, Bruce shows his clients how to build a powerful compelling brand identity that increases both profitability and customer satisfaction.

Bruce will present the latest tips, tools, and techniques for your audience. And he will customize his topic to bring a new level of relevance to your event. What's more, Bruce will both explain the big picture concepts your audiences needs to understand how to flourish and he will show them the hands-on, proven practices they can put to good use the minute they return to their offices. And all the while he'll be entertaining them. After all, a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down.

It's Alive! It's Alive

Some of us work hard and achieve our dreams; We grow a business, raise and launch our kids, and settle in for the long haul. Some of us have our dreams interrupted – the market changes, a health crisis intervenes, we make a mistake, we fail despite our best efforts.


According to , the Great Resignation has stunned many business owners and employers. Believe it or not, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers are looking to change jobs or leave the workforce altogether.

“Researchers have revealed turnover patterns that can explain why so many are quitting in droves right now. Employers looking to stop the exodus should pay attention: Much of the onus is on them to give workers better reasons to stay.”


I sincerely believe that the saying, “Is that all there is,” is the unspoken mantra, the zeitgeist, of everybody in the West who's 45 years old or more. And maybe now with everything that's going on, that age is creeping even younger. 

Linda Eads, CEO, Calizo Condiments

“How much more can I say other than “THANK YOU!” I truly feel you're part of my board of directors and I will always cherish your words!


Stephanie Heller Norman, CEO, RKVIST, LLC

“The 4 favorite words of my Jewish mother are: “I told you so.” And in that respect, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude: “You told me so.”


David Wells, CEO, Moving Pictures

Bruce cuts through the noise and helps you find the “juice & tools” to find what you're looking for!

More About Bruce

The Myths of and Being the Best

In the , Bruce Turkel published the article “The Myths of Uniqueness and Being The Best.”

He writes, “Many people complain about the external forces that keep them from their goals. But it's becoming clear that the very things holding us back are often our own fears, insecurities and concerns.

When someone is confronting a wall of resistance, it's easy to Nike and say “Just Do It,” but it often requires a more pragmatic approach.”

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