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Breaking the Mold: How Authenticity Transforms Brands and Lives with Bruce Turkel

Join Boo and Bruce in this insightful episode as they delve into the power of personal connection and the importance of embracing your own individuality in creating successful brands and leading a fulfilled life.  Here's the link:


Scripps News Reports With Chance Seales – Bruce Turkel


AI Program Guest Bruce Turkel – Perspectives Matter


Bruce Turkel - Turn-On

Turn-On – You've never been to a real estate conference like this one.

Turn On is 1000watt's fusion of creativity and business, March 21-22 in Portland! I'll be presenting alongside an impressive lineup of real estate and leaders who are ready to shred the real estate playbook. Check out the full lineup at and use my promo code TURKEL23 to get 10% off!

See you in Portland!”


Fried on Business Podcast

Bruce was interviewed by Jim Fried for his Fried on Business Podcast.

Bruce appears approximately 12 minutes into the broadcast.

Global Gurus Top 30 in Brand Speaking

Global Gurus Top 30

Global Gurus choose me for their top 30 Gurus for 2023 (3rd year in a row). It is an honor to be recognized as branding and leadership speaker in this arena still!

Bruce Turkel Top 30 Global Brand Guru

Article in South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine

January 2022 Issue – The “All There Is” article on Bruce starts on page 22.

Meet Bruce Turkel in Shoutout Miami Magazine

Shoutout Miami had the good fortune of connecting with Bruce. And they shared their conversation in the magazine.

Bruce Turkel With Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark talks with Bruce Turkel, the author of Is That All There Is, about finding our . Always a good conversation!

Dorie Clark

Local Author & Entrepreneur Explains Where Workers Are Going

CBS4's Hank Tester (CBS Miami) spoke with Bruce Turkel. Check out the A .E.I.O.U. of

Bruce Turkel With David Avrin

David Avrin talks with Bruce Turkel, about struggling to connect and pivot and stay relevant and effective with a new generation of buyers and a new generation of buyer expectations. Well, my guest today, however, he kills it.

The Great Resignation: COVID Making America's Workforce Rethink Their Jobs

America's workforce is shrinking. The so-called “Great Resignation” has stunned businesses and employers. Miami-based author and motivational speaker Bruce Turkel has a new book that dives into why business owners are having trouble hiring workers, and why workers are quitting their jobs in record number.

The Great Resignation: Will it continue?

Ryan Gorman interviews author Bruce Turkel on Tampa's WFLA and iHeart Radio. The interview starts at 1 hour and 27 minutes in.

The Great Resignation: Will it continue?

Jimmy Cefalo interviews Bruce Turkel on the so-called “Great Resignation.”  Business owners are still having trouble hiring workers, and workers are quitting their jobs in record number. Will it continue?

Bruce Turkel on NGAGGE

Bruce speaks with Marissa Morgan,
Digital Marketing Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: Ask the Experts,” Show Host & Producer for NGAGGE.


Bruce Turkel on the Nudelberg Daily Huddle with Steve Nudelberg.

Steve Nudelberg – On The Ball Ventures

Bruce Turkel on Zoomertimes TV

Bruce speaks with Anita Finley,
of Zoomertimes TV. This is a division of Boomer Times & Senior Life publications.  They selected “Is That All There Is?” as their Book of the Month for October.

Is That All There Is? – Bruce Turkel with Damian Mason

At some point in life and business, you've achieved a modicum of success then you ask yourself, “what's next?” Bruce Turkel, former ad agency owner, businessman, speaker, and author found himself asking that question, which is why he penned the book Is That All There Is? If you've wondered about your next adventure, pondered your next business endeavor, or sought motivation in mid life, this interview will speak to you.

Is That All There Is? – Bruce Turkel with Eric Rosenburg of Event Business Formula

Bruce discuss Bruce's new book and the the fact that “Running a business is a full-contact sport, and you're involved all the time.”  Plus much, much more!

Select the image above to play the interview.


Is That All There Is? – Bruce Turkel with Joseph Jaffe Is Not Famous

Joseph and Bruce discuss Bruce's new book and the powerful message for both business fulfillment and personal happiness.

There's also a discussion about Bruce's logo, as well as the intriguing cover design of “Is That All There Is?”


Achim Nowak – My Fourth Act

Miami-based Bruce Turkel, 64, is a global branding expert, riveting , and the author of five acclaimed books on branding. Bruce is a regular on-air contributor at International, Business, and CCTV (China Central Television).

Bruce's newest book, “Is That All There is,” takes an intimate look at his own life and that of others who have reached a high level of success – and then change their lives.

How do we step away from a career that is wildly ? What does living a little more in the moment look like? Why Peggy Lee's “Is That All There Is?” is a gloriously hopeful song!

Achim Nowak – My Fourth Act


Richard Outram interviewed Bruce on his podcast Prepare4Growth.

Take a listen here.

Bruce Turkel's Media Resources

Alvaro Diago, COO Intercontinental Hotel Group

“You were the highlight of our meeting! Your subject was right on and through our survey I am getting great reviews on your .”

Randy Fiveash, Director Connecticut Office of Tourism

“Thanks Bruce! You were a significant part of the success of the event. Thanks for being with us today. We had terrific response from your keynote. Your Mom would be proud! We'll stay in touch. Thanks again”

Mary Ann Passi, CAE, Corporate Housing Providers Association

Bruce, you kicked off our conference with your energy, enthusiasm and entertaining insights into people, brands and music! What a great way to start the day – hundreds of ‘doubtful' people playing music and laughing together first thing in the morning. Thanks to you, innovation was more than just a trite buzz word, setting the tone for the rest of our time together. You provided a completely innovative group experience!”

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