How Does Branding Benefit Consumers and Marketers - Bruce Turkel

How Does Branding Benefit Consumers and Marketers

A Dozen Oysters and Your Brand Strategy.

The Swan Oyster Depot does all this because after 115 years in business they know who they are and why their customers keep coming back. Whether they know it or not, the guys behind the counter have carefully aligned their products and services and their authentic truth, with their customers’ aspirational desires. They clearly and consistently talk their talk and walk their walk and reinforce their brand value.

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Futureproof Your Brand and Your Business.

Your consumers’ reasons for buying what you sell, as well as their ability to pay for those purchases, is changing faster than ever before. And whether your customers are soon-to-be-unemployed cab and truck drivers or household purchasers who have just discovered Amazon Prime, it’s critical for your messaging and sales strategies to change as well.

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