Building Brand Value

Forget Big Data. Think Small.

I love old Porsches. I’m partial to air-cooled 911s but I find vintage 356s fascinating too. There are plenty of other cool old cars that always make me look twice, but nothing says “damn” better than a classic Porsche. I love music. Blues, rock, salsa, and classical are my favorite genres. But as long as there’s a beat, a melody, and maybe a little harmony, I’m in. [...]

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The Secret of Success

Here’s a thought: If we want to increase our success, why don’t we stop concentrating on what our products or services do and start focusing on what they do for our customers? In other words, what if we stop emphasizing our function and start promoting the results of that function? I’m not talking about doing something as hackneyed as selling the sizzle instead of the steak. I’m [...]

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Being Yourself is All About Them.

A very nice email popped up on my laptop the other day. It was from a woman who had heard me speak at a recent conference and wanted to update me on what she’d done with the ideas I presented. Here’s what she wrote (I changed a few words to make sure her identity remains anonymous): “Dear Bruce, Thank you for the inscription you inscribed in your [...]

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