All About Them

Exploration, Examination, and Expression.

This morning I read one of my favorite blogs, Who Will Lead, written by my old friend John Calia. John was discussing how conflicted he felt about a recent radio appearance he had been on. Examining his feelings, John wrote, “…it has been a difficult journey to this imperfect place at which I behave imperfectly.  It is especially difficult in an era like this one, where what [...]

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Being Yourself is All About Them.

A very nice email popped up on my laptop the other day. It was from a woman who had heard me speak at a recent conference and wanted to update me on what she’d done with the ideas I presented. Here’s what she wrote (I changed a few words to make sure her identity remains anonymous): “Dear Bruce, Thank you for the inscription you inscribed in your [...]

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Service with a Simile.

Willy Walker walked purposefully to the center of the stage and addressed the 400 people in the audience. “Late last night I wandered through the hotel lobby. A maintenance engineer asked me if I needed help and I told him I was looking for the gym. Instead of just pointing me in the right direction, the engineer rolled his utility cart out of the way and escorted [...]

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