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Exploration, Examination, Expression.

This morning I read Who Will Lead? It’s one of my favorite blogs, written by my old friend John Calia. John was discussing how conflicted he felt about a recent radio appearance he’d made. Examining his feelings, John wrote, “…it has been a difficult journey to this imperfect place at which I behave imperfectly. It is especially difficult in an era like this one, where what is true in one [...]

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Political Meme

The other morning I paged through my Instagram feed and stumbled across a political meme I disagreed with. It was a from a guy I’ll call “Ferrari Frank 345” (FF345).  Besides advocating a position clearly counter to my own, FF345’s post was mean-spirited, vulgar, and encouraged violence.  A few posts later I came across another nasty meme. It used the same lurid colors and vile sentiments. I knew [...]

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