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The Message and Michelangelo

Recently I was interviewed by author and business growth specialist Jeff Blackman. I thought you’d enjoy reading the interview. Bruce Turkel sees things from a fascinating perspective. And it’s not because he stands six-foot-four. Instead, it’s because he has the ability to help leaders and companies “…futureproof their brands in a world of constant disruptive upheaval.” Bruce is a marketing consultant, fellow Hall of Fame speaker and [...]

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Exploration, Examination, Expression.

This morning I read Who Will Lead? It’s one of my favorite blogs, written by my old friend John Calia. John was discussing how conflicted he felt about a recent radio appearance he’d made. Examining his feelings, John wrote, “…it has been a difficult journey to this imperfect place at which I behave imperfectly. It is especially difficult in an era like this one, where what is true in one [...]

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