North Face Has Shown Us The Way

Walking through a park the other day I noticed a man strolling in front of me wearing a North Face jacket. I knew it was North Face because the company positions their logos on the backs of their jackets, directly over the wearer’s right shoulder blade. How strange. Why would North Face put their logo on the back of a jacket instead of over the left breast [...]

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The Power of Patterns

Sometimes a thing looks like both the component parts that make up the thing and a collection of the thing itself. A rock, for example, looks both like a grain of sand and a mountain. Chunks of ice, too, look both like ice crystals and icebergs. Human nature can often be described this way, too. Famous parables about scorpions or rattlesnakes end with concluding witticisms like, “It’s [...]

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Whenever I park my bicycle, I’m careful to lock it securely to a bike rack or lamp post. I use a Kryptonite shackle lock and always make sure I run it through my bike frame and around secure anchors. I do all this with the hope that my bike will be right where I left it when I get back. Why did I pick a Kryptonite lock? [...]

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