Reaching Today’s Gay Consumer.

For the past few years, advertising to gay audiences has been the hypocritical little secret of a lot of marketers. They're seduced by the demographics and sheer purchasing power of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) consumers but they're terrified that...

There Is No Box.

In last Wednesday's USA TODAY, there was an article titled, “Funeral homes discover new life.” It described a new trend across the country where traditional funeral homes are marketing their centers “not just as a place to mourn the dead, but as sites for events...

Dinner in the Sky, 165 Feet Up

By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY

 Here's a dining concept that'll make your head — if not your stomach — spin: It's dinner at a table suspended 165 feet in the air with chairs that swivel 180 degrees. 
Dubbed Dinner in the Sky, the attraction is making its U.S. debut Monday...
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