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With Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter becoming your defacto resume, and shaping the image how most will perceive you, our friend Jay Berkowitz shares a great read from the Blog.

To make it simple, yourself is about letting everyone know who you are and what are you specialized in. Branding yourself is part of the many things that will help you create , because it will help you to attract people from all walks of life to be your friend, your contact, a new client for your business, or maybe someone who wants to introduce you to other of the same type of interest. Branding yourself is a major part in Internet or the network marketing industry.

Branding your name, along with the online business is very important. Branding yourself is the key.

The point is this. Branding yourself is all about self-expression. The notion of branding yourself is not new. Your idea of branding yourself is a dynamic strategy everyone should use if they plan on being a big success. What prevents you from over branding yourself is the ability to express a quick summary or movie preview in a concise and articulate way. Particularly in any sales-driven industry, branding yourself is as integral to the success of your business as the company logo.

Branding yourself is for executives, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to be either. It's for corporate employees, business owners, solo-preneurs, and those in particular professions, such as medicine, law, and architecture.

Having your business cards, letterhead, brochures, fliers, cards and labels in a distinctive and consistent style as your Website are also ways of branding yourself. Brand yourself by your interests, whatever you have a good amount of knowledge in.

Brand yourself by lending a helping hand and you'll be in a prime position when the people you've helped decide that you've got what it takes to coach them. Branding yourself by your Domain Name: If you have already chosen your niche, you have perhaps also thought about how to market in it.

Brand yourself by adding pictures, audios, and videos to your website. Branding yourself is one of the most important marketing tricks on the books; it is about being an expert or how to be an expert and then telling everyone about your knowledge. It is one of the most important tasks you have as a marketer.

Branding yourself as an artist is becoming more and more important. Year by year you see more and more “celebrity ” springing up and there is a definite reason why. Branding yourself creates opportunities and generally increases cash flow for the artists that engage in branding. Business cards and stationary items – Handing out business cards and stationary are a great way to brand yourself. Business cards are cheap to get and easy to create.

“Branding Yourself” is the application of certain techniques which will help you gain popularity on the Internet by making yourself well known, maybe as an Expert in your field. When people recognize you as an expert you will gain popularity by means of more free publicity than you can imagine.

How do you Brand Yourself? There are many techniques and methods, but it can be as simple as a hidden personality trait, a nickname (maybe something like “Wild Bill”), or helping others by consultation or assistance. Branding “You” (a phrase borrowed from Rick Beneteau) is a power that you can't afford not to understand and use.

Branding yourself is a major part in Internet marketing or the network marketing industry. Branding yourself is one of the most important marketing tricks on the books. Branding yourself is the key to being different. A replicated site will get you replicated results. Fluency in a foreign language tends to quickly enough and is guaranteed not to be forgotten.

If you have an online business one of the most important concepts you must learn in order to survive on the Internet is branding yourself. One way of branding yourself is by writing articles.

Working hard branding yourself will get you opportunity. Personal branding is the way you clarify and communicate what is special about you, so that you don't have to talk so hard (or hope for the right question) to explain exactly why you're the best candidate for the gig (be it a job or a freelance assignment).

Understand that this is all OK. Because you can leverage this same site to brand and promote yourself and your products as well. But it's worth it. However if you have the right systems in place, you can brand yourself quickly while doing your marketing. This is a very powerful way to brand yourself and generate some nice targeted prospects in the process.

branding comes from within—who you are today as well as the dreams of the kind of person you want to be. You can live your dreams if you put in the effort.

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