People Don’t Know What They Want

A lot of people don’t know what they want, what their goals and aspirations are or what they are capable of. Because people don’t have a good understanding of who they are and what they want, offering them bromides about “being all they can be,” or “grabbing life by the horns,” or “seizing the day,” doesn’t do them much good. After all, how can they be all [...]

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Who’s Advertising To Whom?

Ralph Lauren is a billionaire. That’s billionaire with a B. And billion-dollar Ralph doesn’t just have one billion dollars. Oh no, no, no. Ralph’s got a bunch of billions laying around. One of the things Ralph did to earn his billions was to put his name or his logo on his products – shirts, ties, jackets, watches – and then advertise those items so people would see [...]

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No Brainers I Didn’t Have the Brains to Think of Myself.

I usually write posts about things I see happening and the resulting brand implications. But today’s post is different – it’s all about simple, no-brainer ideas that I didn’t have enough brains to think of myself. Blog Post Dating Blog posts live on the Internet forever. They are often discovered through organic search. For example, someone might search for “musical notation” or “language precision” and come across [...]

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