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The Power of Patterns

Sometimes a thing looks like both the component parts that make up the thing and a collection of the thing itself. A rock, for example, looks both like a grain of sand and a mountain. Chunks of ice, too, look both like ice crystals and icebergs. Human nature can often be described this way, too. Famous parables about scorpions or rattlesnakes end with concluding witticisms like, “It’s [...]

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How Has Texting Changed Your Life?

5:30 in the morning used to be a good time to jog. Even during the Miami summer, it’s relatively cool that early in the morning because the sun hasn’t yet climbed into the sky. It’s also early enough that the time eaten up by a long run and shower doesn’t intrude on a productive day. And there aren’t a lot of cars on the road to watch [...]

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All About Them

It’s not the most attractive image, I know. But I got up from the table with something stuck in my teeth. I walked through the dining room to the front counter, looking for the little cup filled with toothpicks. I circled the front desk and reception area a few times before I gave up and asked the young woman behind the counter if they had toothpicks. “Of [...]

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