My post, “A Sexist Logo is Always Sexist. Except When it’s Not,” has generated a lot of responses. I agree with some and disagree with others but appreciate everyone’s outlook and input.
Unfortunately, the article I used for my research was inaccurate and part of the story I told was wrong (since corrected).

Don McEachearn, president and CEO of North Star Destination Strategies was kind enough to call me and correct the record and I’m doing the same here. I removed Enterprise Florida’s marketing hyperbole from the following paragraph but beyond that these are their words:

In 2012 North Star Destination Strategies conducted extensive research on behalf of Enterprise Florida, the public-private partnership focused on economic development, trade, and foreign direct investment in Florida… Creative, logo development, and design work for the effort was awarded to On Ideas, (in) Jacksonville…. North Star conducted extensive research …within Florida as well as nationally and internationally and reached (Enterprise’s) target audiences of entrepreneurs, higher education leaders, C-level executives and site selectors.

Simply put, Enterprise Florida is an economic development organization, not a city and the logo mark was designed by On Ideas, not North Star Destination Strategies.

Thank you, Don. I’m sorry I got some of the facts wrong.
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