Pardon my rant but what is it about people who don't return phone calls?
Over the last few weeks I've added a few names to my — people I need to call to follow up on a meeting or , pitch for , check on a proposal. Even someone I'm trying to buy something from.

And week after week these names stay on my To Do list because these people don't return phone calls.

What's up with that?

I can understand someone not calling back right away, heck, we're all busy. And I can understand someone being reluctant to return a call if they think they're going to get a pitch. But even if they say, “I'm not interested” isn't that better than just dodging the call?

Thanks to my , I've got scrupulous records of whom I've called and when I called them. And thanks to their technology I know they got the message. So it just comes down to being polite.

To paraphrase Linda Richman (Mike Myer's Coffee Talk character on ): “I'm feeling faklempt. is neither common or courteous. Discuss amongst yourselves.”

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