Horses of a different color. More than one way to skin a cat. Pushing an elephant through a keyhole.
Why are the metaphors for paradigm shifts all about animals? I don't know and I don't really care. What I do care about is implementing and benefiting from this idea of looking at things differently and sharing those with you.

A Horse of a Different Color

For example: everybody I know complains about . They don't like going through security, they don't like waiting in lines, and they don't like feeling rushed.

I travel almost every week and I don't mind it a bit. True, I don't enjoy any of those situations either, but I've learned how to eliminate most of the aggravation they cause.

When I thought about making travel less stressful, I realized two of the most irritating things I could control. One was the discomfort and delays that come with schlepping heavy baggage. The solution? I simply stopped taking so much stuff. When you stop worrying about carrying everything but the kitchen sink, you also stop worrying about finding overhead luggage space, having inspectors root through your stuff, waiting in interminable lines to pick up your luggage, and having your stuff stolen. (If you've read my blog for a while you know I'm a fanatic about travelling light. You can find great tips HERE and HERE.)

The second issue was the stress that came from rushing and worrying about being late.

Let's say my flight was scheduled for five. I'd figure I needed to be there an hour early (four), and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport and park so I'd plan to leave my office at 3:20 or so. Needless to say, I'd only start leaving at 3:20 which meant I wouldn't actually get into my car until 3:30 or 3:40 and I'd already feel rushed and stressed. Then if anything went wrong — traffic or a family of 18 ahead of me in security — my stress level would boil over and wouldn't abate until I was on the plane and breathing heavily. No wonder people drink on flights.

One day it dawned on me that if I left for the five o'clock flight at one, I would get to the airport with hours to spare. Then I could go through the TSA line without cursing the people in front of me for dumping their coin collections and silverware service into the X-ray tray.

“But in the airport two hours early?” I hear you screaming at your computer screen. Simple. I go into the Admirals Club, pull my out my laptop and cellphone and make calls and return emails and write copy, exactly what I'd do if I were in my office. Except I do it calmly because I'm not rushed and I'm not stressed.

I have friends who went through a relatively . Because they have three small children, and because they thought it would be too disruptive for the kids to move back and forth from one parent to the other every week, they came up with a paradigm shifting solution – they gave the house to the kids and the parents move in and out each week. At first they also tried splitting the townhouse that the non-visiting parent would use but they found that that only reminded them of many of the reasons they got divorced in the first place. But by keeping the kids in one house, there was less , fewer changes, and more comforting surroundings. They also didn't have to try to sell their home for less money during the financial downturn.

Have you seen the ads for Christian Mingle? It's the dating website for singles who are looking to meet other singles of the same faith. Do you know who owns ? Spark Media, of Los Angeles, the company that owns JDate, the leading site for Jews who are looking for dates their grandmothers would approve of. Spark used the same they created — and the profits they made — matching Jewish singles to create Christian Mingle and 28 other sites, including hookups for Adventists, Catholics, deaf singles, and more. Was their strategy Kosher? It is very profitable and a great example of looking at an existing situation from the opposite point of view.

So the question is, what problems in your business, or your life, could be solved if you just looked at them differently? Or is that a whole different kettle of fish? (Dammit… There go those animal metaphors again.)

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