Maybe you've noticed the cryptic messages just to the left of this column. And maybe you've wondered what they are. Let me tell you — they are my posts.

Every year on the Internet, something breaks out in a huge way. And those that ride it make fortunes.

Randy** says you've already heard the buzz about web 2.0 and social sites. And the buzz is warranted. Although there is debate on how effective these sites can be for business, I can tell you there is NONE in my mind.

I believe Twitter is going to be the breakout story of 2009. They are adding users by the thousands daily, and the site is perfect for what the Internet was designed to do. Anyone serious about needs to be on this now.

Twitter is in essence a micro-blog, since your messages are limited to 140 characters. And instead of dropping by your website or getting a RSS feed, people choose to “follow” you. So when you log on to Twitter, you get a “stream” of all the postings (called “Tweets”) from the people you follow.

Randy says you can use Twitter to , expand your database, and make more
sales. So if you're not on Twitter, please get on it. It takes about two minutes to set up your account and you're good to go. Go to:

Then click on “Find People” and enter BruceTurkel and click “follow.” If you're already on Twitter, you can access my page direct at:

The best way to learn to use a new is to use it. And there's no cost so there's no reason not to get signed up now. This is going to be huge!


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