At our advertising agency, we have a new service called “. It's NOT a reference to our elementary report card but rather a model we've been perfecting.
Plays Well With Others is about us being the lead agency and working with our clients' partners and vendors to oversee and coordinate everything they do that impacts the brand. We work with our clients' firms, their media buying companies, architects, mobile apps programmers, etc. to make sure that the brand is always well presented in a compelling and coordinated way.

While we were thinking about how we can increase the revenue streams for our Plays Well With Others service, I started thinking about similar businesses where we could pick up some best practice . And somehow I flashed on the most ubiquitous partner of all — the letter D.

The letter D gives new meaning to Plays Well With Others because it is the only letter to partner with every other letter in the alphabet. As far as I can tell, D is the most paired up letter there is.

Let me show you what I mean:

AD. After death

BD. The Internet suffix for “Bangladesh”

CD. Compact Disc

DD. Daredevil's logo

ED. Erectile Dysfunction

FD. Fire Department

GD. General (Equivalency) Diploma

HD. High Definition

ID. Identification

JD. Juris Doctor

kd. lang

LD. Disabled

MD. Medical Doctor

ND. North Dakota

OD. Overdose

PD. Police Department

QD. “Once a day” on a prescription

RD. Research & Development

SD. South Dakota

TD. Touchdown

UD. Urban Dictionary

VD. The gift that goes on giving

WD. (40)

XD. Extreme Definition (Television)

YD. Abbreviation for “yard”

ZD. Ziff Davis

Now how much would you pay? But wait, there's more. The letter D is such an overachiever that it even works with numbers. There's:

1D. One dimensional

2D. Two dimensional

3D. Three dimensional, and

4D. Fourth dimension

You see, D is the letter that goes great with everything. It's the accommodating partner we're all looking for. The letter D is the perfect party guest, and a great lesson for all of us that just when we think we've done enough, there's always another idea to consider, another book to read, another solution to try.

So the next time you're feeling stuck — or feeling self-satisfied — think of the letter D and see if there's a way you can BeD. Because the new idea you come up with might just be a BFD.

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