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Something you've never done before.

Let's talk about doing something you've never done before. For me, April has been the month for that.

A few blogs ago, I wrote about what I discovered on my sailing trip through the Keys. When I posted that story, I didn't know that excursion was simply the shake-down cruise for a more extended trip we were going to take through the crystal-clear blue-green waters of .

We left on Saturday, crossed the Strait of Florida to Bimini, sailed to Cat Key, on to Chub Key, and then crossed the Great Bahama Bank and the Tongue of the Ocean before we anchored off of New Providence. From there, I flew home from Nassau while my boatmates sailed on to the Exumas.

That was something I'd never done before.

When I returned, sunburned and still a bit wobbly on my land legs, I had to strip off my sailing duds, shower and shave, and throw on a tux and a mask to attend my first black-tie masquerade ball at the Arsht Center.

That was something I'd never done before.

The next day was Gloria's birthday, and I promised to do anything she wanted. “Anything” turned out to be hiking through the Florida Everglades to go birdwatching. Now I've run a marathon in the Everglades before, and I sure was slow then. But I've never gone quite this slow, moving intentionally, trying to be as quiet as possible, and staring noiselessly into the hammock to spot warblers, thrashers, and great herons.

That was something I'd never done before, either.

Something you've never done before.

Seeing all those firsts work so well, I decided to use the Do Something You've Never Done Before strategy for my business too. So, this month we're going to launch two campaigns at the same time. I will also report back so you can see how to apply these strategies to your business.

First, a little explanation.

Because different people have different needs and desires, as well as different budgets, we've broken our programs down into three tiers:

  1. DIY – Do-It-Yourself
  2. DWY – Done-With-You, and
  3. DFY – Done-For-You.

ITATI is our Do-It-Yourself program. We uploaded lots of the content (text, audio, and video) you need to figure out exactly how to take the next step in your business and your life. And we've organized it to make it all super easy to follow. Plus, we've included twice-monthly virtual Office Hours to provide hands-on help to whoever needs it.

Over the past six months, we did an incredibly successful test launch for ITATI. Based on that, we've made the price so low that I don't see how the fee could be an issue.

CEOnly is our Done-With-You program. Besides providing everything included in ITATI, CEOnly brings together business owners, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives to deliver advice, support, and big . We just completed our second CEOnly strategic round table and it was a huge – in fact, half of the group was former CEOnly members and most of the are repeating with us again!

Our for CEOnly is Exclusive. Explosive. Expensive. Because of that, CEOnly is not right for everyone. But it might be right for you.

Of course, the Done-For-You category is where I catalog my and consulting activities – custom crafted for each client I work with.

How will launching both programs at the same time work out? I don't know yet. I do know that every time I do something I'd never done before, I learn all sorts of new things that I can apply to many other parts of my life.

I'm confident it'll be the same for you.

How about you do something you've never done before and join me in one of my RoundTables?

And please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you'd like more information.

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