Do you understand how work?
I never did either.

Katrina-and-I-on-South-Beach-2In fact I was starting to believe the old adage that the only time speakers bureaus need you is when you don't need them.

Then I became friendly with a few speakers bureau owners and started working with them and learned a little about how their businesses actually work and what they're looking for. And before long, they started booking me. Now, thanks to an exclusive arrangement with Bureau in Silicon Valley, I get virtually all of my bookings through bureaus.

Why do you care? Because while we were planning our Elite Branding Intensive, , president of Keynote Speakers generously offered to come to the workshop and explain to everyone exactly how bureaus work. Katrina believes that by showing speakers EXACTLY what bureaus are looking for, she can help make the business better for everyone.

How does Katrina know what bureaus want? Not only does Katrina own Keynote Speakers, she's also the incoming president of the () so it should be pretty obvious that she really knows what she's talking about.

Katrina is going to show you exactly:

  • How to get a bureau's attention.
  • How to create a video that bureaus will look at.
  • What speakers bureaus expect from the speakers they represent.
  • How to work with a bureau to get invited back.

Plus, Katrina will be available to answer your questions and demystify the whole bureau process for you.

Personally, I think that Katrina's knowledge and availability are worth the price of admission to our intensive alone. But you'll get Katrina's insight in addition to how to build , how to create compelling messaging, and everything else we'll be sharing. And we're still including everything you need – all your meals, your hotel stay, all your materials, and more. All you have to do is get here.

We've kept our attendance limited and we're almost full. So if you want to join us, you need to act now. Click HERE for more information call Toma Rusk at (831) 402-5574 or email Toma at

Remember that our limited seats are filling up fast. So as Ferris Bueller famously quipped, “I highly recommend picking one up.

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