Surprises From The

About ten years ago I heard about a MasterMind that was being created for what I'm calling the “superstar speakers.” It was put together by the top seven or eight money-makers in my industry.

I wanted into that club. Badly.

Or so I thought.

So I signed up for the three-day intensive MasterMind group and spent a whole lot of money to be there.

As I saw it at the time, I was the only “nobody” in the room. I discovered a lot in those three days.

Things such as:

  • It takes the full three days to get fully immersed.
  • Immersions are the best – it's where you develop zealots for life.
  • Despite my initial concerns, all the other people in the room were actually just like me – they all had problems, they dealt with curve balls and obstacles and they all needed solutions.
  • I was shocked to discover that a few of these so-called experts weren't nearly as smart as I previously thought they were.
  • I was shocked to discover that even more of them were a lot smarter than I could ever have imagined.
  • I was shocked to discover that many of them didn't walk their talk.
  • I was relieved to discover that most of them did.
  • But I also learned that none of that mattered – every single one of them had interesting and perspectives. And each had really great ideas that came from years of trial and error.
  • I realized I didn't need to be in that “superstar speakers ,” but that I wanted to be there.
  • I walked out of that room with nine new relationships – at least half of whom joined my personal board of directors.

    I spoke to one of them this week.
  • The good news was that I walked out with 30 pages of notes and at least 100 new ideas.
  • The bad news was that I never got to implement all of the things I learned.
  • The good news was that if I only implemented 20 of my new ideas I could earn a cool million dollars in the next year.
  • I don't typically go back and review my notes from workshops I've attended, but I do go back to my MasterMind notes – FREQUENTLY!
  • Something else – I admitted my vulnerabilities and my failures and gained very supportive new friends.
  • They all made me “wealthy” – in their friendship, support, , and letting me know I wasn't alone.
  • To this day I still have my board of directors and friends and support people.
  • It's the BEST THING I ever did to improve myself and my business. In fact, I realized that if I took all the business events I've gone to in the past and rolled them up into a big  ball, the benefit of that combo ball would be less than 25% the size of my new MasterMind ball.

The MasterMind LIVES – some 10 years later!! And I'm convinced that there is NO BETTER WAY to move forward FAST!

That's why I'm putting together a new mastermind to move towards certainty in uncertain times. I'd love to have you participate. If you think this might interest you, please click HERE.

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