VIA Cool Hunting:

Just opened, the Everland Hotel sits like a jewel on the roof of that treasure chest, the contemporary art space Palais De Tokyo in . First installed in 2002 at other locations including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, the Hotel is reaching its most stunning and coveted placement in the City of Light, oddly on the top of the 1930s classical building. Designed by Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, the structure cannot simply be classified as a hotel nor just as an exhibition space since it is both and neither at the same time.

The is intertwined so strongly with the concept that is is impossible to take them apart: the Everland really works like an hotel and retains all its functions. Consisting of one single green and white container, it houses a comfortable room with a king size bed, a fully working bathroom beautifully tiled in blue mosaics, a large lounge and even an over-stuffed mini-bar. However, unlike a regular commercial establishment, guests are allowed to stay only one night in the year and it's open to museum visitors during the day.


As a design object, every detail is carefully crafted. The curving lines and occasional angle chase each other throughout the space. Vibrant colors and elements like a record player (with vintage record collection to match) enhance the strong 60s mod vibe. Bathroom soap sets and towels retain the “steal me” appeal like in any hotel but the effect of the Everland is of supreme modernity and high design.

Ample windows delivering the best view of the possible make this the best location of the Everland so far. Everything, including top class service, seems to match perfectly with the ideal of luxury and indulgence modern hotels want to deliver and at the same time the concept marries happily with the contemporary edge of the museum space below it.

Well worth experiencing, the room costs between €333-444 to book for the night and bookings happen online exclusively. To give everyone a fair shot, bookings can be made only two months in advance and new booking slots are opened every week.

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