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Four Things That Matter.

Picture this:

Your car.

A dark desolate highway.

A flat tire.

Your trunk, open wide.

No jack.

You and your loved ones are standing on the side of the road, trying to shield yourselves from the hot slipstream shooting out from the giant tractor trailer trucks rumbling by.

Your cellphone is on . on the recording keeps reminding you that “…due to an unusually high call volume your request will be handled in the order which it's been received…”

Suddenly flashing yellow lights pierce the gloom. A minute later a banged-up tow truck grinds to a halt. The big door squeaks open. A mechanic in greasy overalls hops out.

The mechanic assesses your problem, snatches a tire iron off the back of his truck, and slides a big jack under your car. Five minutes later your spare is bolted on, the mechanic's got an extra twenty in his pocket, and you and your family are back in the car and safely on your way.

Sound familiar?

Other than a particular detail here or there, I'm pretty sure this has happened to all of us at least once.

So let me ask you a question…

When the tow truck pulled up, did you wonder how many other tow trucks there were driving around out there? Did you question the gauge of the steel cables on his lift, the make of his air compressor, the limits of the tow company's liability insurance or the cleanliness of the driver's uniform?

I bet you didn't.

My guess is you only wondered about four things:

Four Things That Matter

  1. Do they understand my problem?
  2. Can they fix it?
  3. How long will it take? And,
  4. How much will it cost?

If you agree with this, let me ask you another question…

Why don't your marketing materials deal with those same four questions too?

You see, we're all so busy explaining why we're the perfect choice for our prospective clients and customers that we often forget that they don't look at the selection the same way we do.

Want proof from your own life?

When was the last time you reviewed your doctor's board certifications or your attorney's credentials? Do you know what lawnmower your landscaper rides? How about the type of knives in the kitchens of your favorite ?

No, no, and no. You don't care about any of those things.

You care about yourself and what you need and want right now.

Believe it or not, that's what your customers and your clients care about also.

These are the types of simple, yet profoundly powerful understandings that can your business.

And your life.

And they are some of the things we will be discussing in my .

Perhaps you'd like to consider joining us?  If so, we'd love to have you.

To discover more, click HERE. I think you'll find everything there you're looking for to make the best decision for you.

After all, we know the answers to your four questions too.

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