Once upon a time there was a person named ______________. Let's call them “Hero.”

Hero made a good as a ______________. And things were going really ______________.

Then, all of a sudden and without warning, ______________ happened. And Hero discovered that they were up a ______________ without a ______________.

At first, Hero thought things would quickly go back to normal. But after a while Hero realized it would take a whole lot longer and things wouldn't start to get better until at least ______________.

Hero felt all kinds of emotions, including: ______________, ______________, and ______________.

After talking to friends and colleagues, Hero felt disconnected and didn't really know where to turn for ______________ advice.

Months went by and Hero was still searching for answers to questions such as “how can I ______________,” “where should I ______________,” and “what's the best way to ______________.”

All of a sudden, Hero realized that no one could come up with the answers alone. “Wouldn't it be fantastic if I was in a ? A group of fellow who all had my best interests at heart?
” Hero thought. “And wouldn't it be great if I had an partner – someone to hold my ______________ to the ______________?

Most importantly, wouldn't it be ______________ if I had a group of people I could and rely on to help me when I'm ______________?”

Then Hero discovered the Together With Turkel Strategic Roundtable.

And Hero lived happily ever ______________.

The End.

I hope you had with this. But in all seriousness, if you miss having people in your corner, if you're looking for powerful, lifelong relationships and a personal board of directors, please take a look at what we've put together.

Because like the word “sccess,” the only thing missing is “U”.

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