Last Sunday I ran the ING Miami Marathon. Okay, “ran” is hyperbole. I actually jogged or plodded through the marathon.
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But the point is that I finished the entire 26.2 miles under my own power.
The best part was not actually finishing but what I learned about myself while training for the event. Because I followed a set regimen and had a set goal with a definite deadline, I had absolutely no trouble doing my training. In fact, between August first and January 31st I only missed two days of preparations! Getting up and going in the morning, even when I was in frigid Fairbanks, Alaska or Ocean City, Maryland, was no problem because I knew exactly what I needed to do. What a difference from the floundering and procrastination that can often get in the way of accomplishment.

What I learned, besides the fact that I'll never win a gold medal at the , is that having a goal and a plan to reach , is the hardest part of . Once you know what you need to do, the rest is easy. Now all I have to do is figure out how to apply this knowledge to my business and my life. Suggestions are welcome…

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