Write a Book.
My mom has lived on since before I was born. She still lives less than a mile from where I grew up.

Every few weeks my mom gets together with her friends and goes to lunch or to the botanical gardens. The friends have known each other – and me – since I was knee high to a seahorse.

In my imagination their conversations go something like this (all details have been changed):

Mom:  “So how's your daughter, Phyllis?”

Phyllis: “Oh she's doing great. She's a doctor, you know. Did her residency at Columbia. Now she's the head of transplantation at Sinai Cedars.”

All the friends nod and murmur their approval.

Phyllis: “And how's your son, Marge?

Marge: “Couldn't be better. He's a partner at Schlobockie, Evenruth, and Golinsky. He was tapped for the federal appellate bench but he's not sure he wants to move to Washington.”

The friends all look around at each other and knowingly.

“And how's Bruce, your oldest?” one of the friends asks my mom.

“Oh he's great,” my mom answers. “He's an art director.”

The friends all stare at each other without a sound.

“Well he always was such a good drawer,” Marge says finally, filling the long .

They walk on in silence…

So when you think about it that's a good reason to write a book. If only so my mom would have something to talk about.

Write a bookSure I could have written All About Them to help friends and readers like you tackle the new world we all find ourselves in. Of course I could have written it to serve as the post-modern guidebook for businesses, , and entrepreneurs to learn how to not just survive but to thrive in today's increasingly connected environment.

And yes, I could have written it to show you proven, step-by-step techniques to build a powerful .

But c'mon. We've been blog friends now for as many as nine years and we've always been honest with each other. The reason to write a book was to make my mother happy.

So now you're part of that equation. You see it's not enough that I wrote All About Them, I also need to sell a boatload of them so my mom can brag about her son the best- author.  And let's make no mistake, it's called the “best-sellers list,” not the “best writers list.”

All About Them is a beautiful hardcover volume (also available on and audio, by the way) and it's almost 300 pages of my best stuff. But let's face it, none of that really matters does it?

What matters is my mom's happiness. That's the reason to write a book. And that's in your hands now.

All you have to do is buy books for every single person you know. Friends, relatives, your chiropodist, early Christmas gifts, whatever. I'll be pleased if you just order one copy for yourself (or two, why the heck not?) on September 6th, the day the book is released. When you do, I'll show my gratitude with special bonuses that will enhance your experience and really help you build .

Just keep your eyes on your email and I'll let you know how to order and how to get your special extras.

I thank you and my mom thanks you.

Marge and Phyllis? The jury's still out.

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