Since the advent of the Internet and email, we've all become experts at using in our notes.

– “Laughing Out Loud.”

– “In My Humble Opinion.”

– “By The Way.”

– “Parent Over Shoulder.”

Most of these turn up in emails I read regularly although I haven't seen the last one since my kids were in their early teens. But one that turns up with more and more regularity – and one that I don't think most people understand – is ??!!

Here's what WTF does not stand for:

It doesn't stand for “Washington Theater Festival.”

It doesn't stand for “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.”

It doesn't even stand for “Whoa, Timmy Farted.”

And even though it did stand for the Wisconsin Federation, they realized that they had to their name because of WTF's real meaning.

People usually say “WTF??!!” when they encounter something they don't understand, something they can't believe.

Did you know the average working person will have 20 jobs before they retire? WTF??!!

Did you hear that 90% of college students are studying for jobs that don't even exist today? WTF??!!

Did you know that .com is recommending that people scan products in stores to find lower prices online? WTF??!!

WTF is the quick response to these types of statements, but not for the reason you might think. You see, WTF does not stand for “What The F@%K??!!” I believe that WTF stands for “Where's The Future?” Because almost every time you encounter something you don't understand or can't believe, it's an staring you in the face.

“Where's The Future?” is just another way of asking, “What's going to happen? What're people going to need? Where's the opportunity I can benefit from?” Instead of looking at things you don't quite understand and wondering Why, it's time to look at those things and wonder Where? As in where's the future?

When you feel like saying “WTF?” maybe it's a hint that you should look at the situation a little differently. Start thinking of “WTF?” this way and all of a sudden things that were confusing become stimulating. Difficulties become challenges. Problems become opportunities. And before you know it, you've got the solution.

So the next time someone says, “WTF??!!” you'll be able to answer, “right freaking here!”

IMHO, of course.

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