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Bruce Turkel’s Speech at TEDx

delray beach, florida


The definition of unique is unlike any other. You can’t be more slightly unique then you can be a little excellent, a little perfect, or a little pregnant. Unique people do usually not fair well in society. For example, Joan of Arc, Vincent Van Go, Jim Morrison, etc,. Being unique is not a brand.


The myth that we all have to be the best before we go out and sell what we do. It’s commonly known that the best brand is a great product, but this is nonsense because a great product is just cost inventory – If you don’t have a great product or service, then you’re not in business. Even if you do, that doesn’t guarantee anyone will be interested in what you have to sell or say. Sting summed this up very well when he said “The search for perfection. Is all very well. But to look for heaven. Is to live here in hell.”


We’re all too busy thinking about ourselves, that we don’t pay attention to where our brand is going. It’s not about who you know – it’s about who knows you. Making the phone call is not where the business is, it’s in getting the phone call answered. Stop thinking about yourselves and overthinking your brand and start thinking about others.

Watch the video below to discover the importance of going beyond these concepts in order to move your brand forward.

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