25 Things I've Discovered by Sheltering-In-Place

  1. I've discovered that practice does not make perfect. Proof: I've played so much guitar in the past six weeks that I've developed those little round calluses on the tips of my fingers. Playing doesn't hurt anymore, but I haven't gotten any better either.
  2. I've discovered how important motion is. I've been a runner for years but now I have to go for at least one or two walks and/or runs every day or else I get crampy and grumpy. (And yes, grumpier than usual.)
  3. I've discovered how much people appreciate it when you check in with them. All you have to ask is “How're you doing?” The answers are profoundly warm and appreciative.
  4. I've discovered that if you still haven't done something that you put on your – written that book, perhaps, or cleaned out your garage – you should take it off your list. You're not going to do it.
  5. I've discovered how fattening restaurant food was.
  6. I've discovered how important it is to check your background. I was on one Zoom conference where a participant had a pair of underwear hanging on the closet door behind them. I was on another where someone forgot where they were and did something on camera they probably shouldn't even do in private.
  7. I've discovered how fragile the things we take for granted can be.
  8. I've discovered how hard it can be to end some sentences without a preposition.
  9. I've discovered how hungry people are for solutions.
  10. I've discovered how much I actually like my friends and family.
  11. I've discovered how quickly simple things such as masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper can become scarce and hard-to-find.
  12. I've discovered that it doesn't matter which way you hang your toilet paper roll if you don't have any toilet paper to hang anyway.
  13. I've discovered how generous people are with things like masks, and hand sanitizer, but not toilet paper.
  14. I've discovered why bidets matter.
  15. I've discovered that there's no limit to the number of rabbit holes 's infinite library can send me down.
  16. I've discovered that Zoom cocktail parties were invented for people who feel guilty about drinking alone.
  17. I've discovered that shorts, shoes, and a tee shirt are the perfect outfit for 99% of the things I've been doing for the past six weeks.
  18. I've discovered that the other one percent doesn't require any of those items.
  19. I've discovered that my dogs are better adjusted than I am. Lots of people are very concerned about what they're doing at home every day. My dogs aren't concerned at all. They're just happy I'm home with them .
  20. I've discovered that yardwork, housework, and office work all end with the same word.
  21. I've discovered that Boomers and Gen Xers are better at Zoom calls than younger users. That's because we were raised on The Brady Bunch and Squares.
  22. I've discovered how many different loving communities I have. Musicians. Runners. Speakers. Car people. Groups. Friends. Family. And all of you who read my blogs.
  23. I've discovered how much I enjoy these blog posts and how much I value your responses. Believe it or not, I even appreciate the disagreements and the criticism.
  24. I've discovered how important it is to say thank you.
  25. Thank you.
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