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Each week I collect more and more followers on LinkedIn, and I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to all those folks to promote my new book. Trouble is, I don't know the best way to do that.

A friend recommended a LinkedIn consultant, so I reached out to them with a simple request:

Thanks to regularly uploading my blog posts onto LinkedIn I now have almost a quarter of a million followers.

My new book – Is? – is being released this fall and I would like your help generating referrals and with that audience.

Would you find this assignment exciting and interesting? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. 

Thank you.

Here's a portion of what I got back (names removed to protect the clueless):

Dear Prospect,

Thank you for your interest! We would like to speak with you once you've reviewed our introductory message and attached services to discuss how we may best assist you. 

Our team is here to help you get the visibility and business that you deserve. We coach busy , those in transition and corporate teams to learn the most efficient and effective ways to use LinkedIn as the powerful tool that it is!

Let us coach you to . Our goal is to position you to gain increased visibility and results! We would welcome the to elevate your presence and effectiveness on LinkedIn. You and your business should be showing up at the top of search results when members are seeking your expertise. Over 5 billion searches were done last year on LinkedIn. Let's get you on page one of those searches!

Please review the services attached for options available as to how we may best serve you. Corporate Coaching and/or  Engagement information is available upon request. Time is money – we will save you both!™

Please visit our new website – see the link below! We thank you for your interest and look forward to coaching you to success with LinkedIn.

Really? I have to review their “introductory message and attached services” before I can buy from them? 

I made it clear exactly what I want and now it's my responsibility to “review the services attached for options available” to discover how they may best assist me?

Here's a clue: they could have best served me by my request and then showing me how they could help me get what I want.

Funny thing is figuring out how to help people get what they want has been what I've been researching for the last two years.

My new book is titled ? It's about people our age who reach a level of success in their lives and then decide they want something different. To write the book I interviewed over 45 people who have successfully pivoted their own lives and then featured detailed stories of 14 of them. Is That All There Is?explains why these people were dissatisfied with their lives (hint: it' almost always one of the Nine Ds), what they decided to do about it (hint: you can't GET what you want until you KNOW what you want), what worked (hint: you'd probably be surprised how many different paths there are), what didn't work (hint: you'd probably be surprised how consistent the no-nos are), and what they recommend if you're interested in exploring your own potential new life (all proven and actionable recommendations).

Unlike the LinkedIn consultants, these fascinating people show you EXACTLY what to do to get what you want.

I just received the first proof copy back from the printer and we're tidying it up for final production. If you'd like to know more about the book, or if you want to reserve an early copy, just send me a note in the comments box and I'll put you on the list. I promise I won't ask you to read an introductory message, I'll just help you figure out Is That All There Is?  

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