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People HATE to be sold.

If you spend your life in advertising and marketing, sooner or later, it dawns on you that your entire has focused on three things:

  1. Finding prospects,
  2. Attracting customers, and
  3. Closing .

If you spend enough time focusing on those activities, it will dawn on you that all three things are based on one principle and one solution:

People HATE to be sold.

People have problems they want to solve. They have needs they want to meet. And they have desires they want to fulfill.  But they don't always know how to make that happen.

And they hate to feel like they're being sold.

That's why for years (before the Internet, of course), we'd run ads that said: “For more information, call this , recorded message.”

But that wasn't where we started. The first ad said: “For more information, call this number.”

Since test everything for the highest performance, we tried adding the word “free” and discovered that the “free message” received almost three times more calls.

Next, we tried adding the word “recorded.” That told prospects there wouldn't be anyone on the line to coerce them into buying. That's when the calls – and the sales – skyrocketed.

It's the same for you and your business. Because your customers HATE to be sold, also.

I have a friend who runs ads with one : people suffering from a particular medical condition. To do that, she markets a free book titled: “The Medical Condition Cure.”

(My friend uses the condition in her title but asked that I not share that. Why not? Because she's making tons of money her product. She gave me permission to reveal her secret but not to reveal her name.)

When she initially tried to sell her product, she learned that her process required too much explaining; a simple 30-second ad, or quick hit, didn't get the idea across. So instead she wrote a book about the disease, its causes, and its cures. This provided the time needed to show how her treatment works, why it works, and why sufferers should try it.

The book gave her time to tell people how she could improve their lives. Instead of selling an expensive process, she gives away an informative and empathetic book to people who are interested in hearing how she can help.

But this doesn't just work for medical procedures. Take air-conditioning installers, for example.

One of their biggest problems is that their potential customers have watched too many exposés on 20/20, 48 Hours, and Dateline. Because of that, no one trusts HVAC Contractors. It's the same with roofers, movers, and other residential real estate trades, by the way.

Knowing this was a big problem, my friend Will created a series of free books with a clever title that had the solution in it. He markets customized books like these to who hand them out to their potential customers.

  1. 21 Critical Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor
  2. How to Price, Prepare, and Sell Your Home for Maximum Return

Will explains how roofers, movers, and the like can either keep struggling and losing sales because their prospects don't them, or they can create their own custom books.

The books create a win-win-win situation for Will's company, the professionals he helps, AND the customers they do business with. And this all happens because Will understands that simple, straightforward principle:

People HATE to be sold.

Think about your business… do your potential customers and clients understand how you can make their lives simpler, faster, or easier? If they did, wouldn't they rush to buy your product or service? If so, why not write a book about it?

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