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Knowledge is Power. Really?

We've all heard that “knowledge is power.” We all know that the key to gaining knowledge is to gather information. And in today's world of big data, we all know that gathering information is easier than ever.

But how come we haven't all heard that the most expensive information in the world is bad information? Because in the clearest example of “garbage in, garbage out,” what could be more expensive than making decisions based on bad information?

It's true in business, it's true in investments, it's true in relationships, and it's true in life. Bad information leads to bad decisions.

Sadly, bad information is available everywhere you look – popular culture, politicians, , and “MFTP.”  (That's mother, father, , preacher, .) People who we believe have our best interests at heart and would only share good information don't always live up to our expectations.

Think about the advice, suggestions, or information you followed (or were given) at some point in your life that led to a bad result.

Maybe it's why you studied the subject you pursued in college.

Maybe it's why you married the person you're sharing your life with.

Maybe it's why you believe what you believe about the world.

Maybe it's why you voted for whoever you voted for.

Maybe the reason you're second-guessing the results of some decisions today is because you were given bad information yesterday.

Now think about some of the BEST advice, suggestions, or information you received; Information that led to stellar results.

Maybe it was a tip that set you on a path to start a .

Maybe it was a bit of advice that helped you create a favorable contract or start a worthwhile habit or pursue a productive relationship.

Is it possible that you're healthier, wealthier, wiser, and perhaps enjoying a more fulfilling love life because you followed someone's good advice based on good information?

Looked at this way, it should be pretty clear that not only is bad information extremely expensive, but that good information might be the least expensive path to .

If you set your mind to look for information that is USEFUL and VALUABLE – not common and cheap – it can transform your business and your life.  Often, the cheapest information is information you pay for; with money, effort, or from mistakes.

By improving the quality of the information you use to make decisions, can you make better decisions. And by making better decisions, you can make a better business, better relationships, better investments, and a better life.

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