Who’s Advertising To Whom?

Ralph Lauren is a billionaire. That’s billionaire with a B. And billion-dollar Ralph doesn’t just have one billion dollars. Oh no, no, no. Ralph’s got a bunch of billions laying around. One of the things Ralph did to earn his billions was to put his name or his logo on his products – shirts, ties, jackets, watches – and then advertise those items so people would see [...]

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Forget Big Data. Think Small.

I love old Porsches. I’m partial to air-cooled 911s but I find vintage 356s fascinating too. There are plenty of other cool old cars that always make me look twice, but nothing says “damn” better than a classic Porsche. I love music. Blues, rock, salsa, and classical are my favorite genres. But as long as there’s a beat, a melody, and maybe a little harmony, I’m in. [...]

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