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Putting the UNITY in COMMUNITY.

When I sold my agency almost six years ago, I went on a search for the answer to a simple, but not simplistic, question:

“What's next?”

How did I do it?

Well, you know the old saying, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, every solution looks like a nail.” Based on that, what would a guy do when he needs answers?

Market research.

I decided to ask everyone I knew who had successfully changed their lives how they did it. Not only did they share their experiences, but many of them introduced me to other people I didn't know who had also made pivots. Before I was done, I'd spoken to almost 50 different people and I used a lot of what I discovered to write my 7th book, Is That All There Is‽” (ITATI).

While I was busy ITATI, something else happened… . All of a sudden, almost everyone was forced to their lives and to change the way they interacted with one another.

Almost everyone.

Chances are pretty good you did it, too.

Thanks to COVID and the subsequent economic challenges it created, so many people asked me what they should do next that I decided to get some of them together and start a series of Strategic Roundtables. The first one was called “Clarify for ” and the second, created for business owners and entrepreneurs only, was titled — what else? — “CEOnly.”

Since then, over 150 people have gone through the various programs, including our ongoing community, Some emerged to start new businesses. Some finished book or web projects they just couldn't seem to get done before. A few totally revamped their businesses to deal with the new realities COVID left them with or to serve the new realities they had learned about themselves and their lives.

Throughout it all, the different people in the different groups made new , worked with new partners, discovered new things about themselves, and faced their difficulties and their opportunities with renewed energy and excitement.

Most importantly, they did it together. They worked hand-in-hand with people they didn't even know before the programs started through “Hot Seats,” “Wins of the Week,” “Face-to-Face” interactions and lots more exclusive programs.

Simply put, we helped people who had reached a meaningful crossroad in their lives discover the real value of what was next for them. And together we really put the unity in community.

Now, as 2022 draws to a close, it's time to celebrate. And so, on Tuesday, December 13 at one PM EST, we're going to host a reunion. Everyone who's joined us over the past couple years and found the , guidance, resources, encouragement  and relationships they needed to pursue their goals is invited to get together and tell us all all about it.

If you're on our mailing list, you'll get a registration email. Or you can simply RSVP in the comment box of this blog, and we'll be sure to get the login information to you ASAP.

We sure hope you'll join us. Because like the word COMMNITY, it's just won't be the same without U!!

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