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Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty.

Have you ever stopped and thought about the value of versus customer loyalty?

First, an admission…

Just because I work hard to create something and just because I'm happy with the results, doesn't mean I'm satisfied with my output. What's more, even when the people I created it for tell me how much they liked/loved/enjoyed/benefited from my work, that doesn't result in an automatic sense of satisfaction either.

Instead, I know the design, speech, program, performance, or campaign I put so much heart and soul into was truly effective when my clients come back asking for more. After all, anyone who has built a platform or customer satisfaction program knows that while acquisition is the momentary goal, retention is the key.

Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty.

A famous sale consultant has built a career with these words: “Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”

While I don't believe that customer satisfaction has no value, I do wholeheartedly agree that loyalty is most important. Customer loyalty IS priceless because it's loyalty that proves your customer or client felt that what you did was in their best interest and worth what they paid for it.

Others who question customer satisfaction versus customer loyalty will tell you that the reason proof-of-concept requires multiple successes has a simple, three-step explanation:

  1. One is beginner's .
  2. Two successes are a coincidence.
  3. But three successes are proof that what you're doing works.

When I last ran , our Strategic Roundtable for business owners, entrepreneurs, and folks in the C-Suite, everyone who completed the program told me how much they enjoyed it and how much they benefitted from our time together. And of course I enjoyed hearing their kind words. But when I opened the enrollment for our new group, what I was most taken by were not simply the kind things people said, but that a few of the participants wrote back immediately with almost identical words: “Count me in!”

Others posted unsolicited testimonials on . For example, Cindy Cole, the successful real estate Diva of Florida's upscale panhandle communities wrote: “I was just glancing through my notes from our CEO group. It was an amazing, life-changing experience. Worth every penny.”

Sports consultant Mark McMahon wrote: “Each week I am reminded of how truly grateful I am that our paths have crossed and that I said ‘yes' to joining the RoundTable!  I am blown away with all the counsel, advice, suggestions, and that came from the group, and particularly your perspective on my personal impact!

Thank you so much.

The RoundTable has proven to be a HUGE BENEFIT!

Spontaneous comments like that, along with our limited membership list rapidly filling up with repeat customers, is how I know what we're doing is making a difference in people's businesses and their lives.

But that kind of success also means that our exclusive groups (capped at a small, intimate number of members) fill up quickly. And occasionally I have to say “Sorry, no, it's too late, the RoundTable is already full” to someone who was eager to sign up. When that happens, their response is almost always “But I meant to sign up last week!” And while a long line of people cooling their heels outside a nightclub or restaurant might signal success to some, to me it just means that there's one more person I can't help.

Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty.

If you'd like to know what all the excitement is about, just click HERE and watch a quick, 3-minute video. And if you are interested, please do it quickly. Because as long as our alumni keep coming back for more, I'm going to enjoy the effects of their allegiance. After all, customer loyalty is priceless.

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