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Loyalty Programs.

Are you a member of your local airline loyalty programs?

I am.

Because I fly so often, I'm a two-million+ miler with Platinum for Life status. You might think I'm showing off, but you won't be that impressed when you see what the airline's loyalty programs gives me for that level of commitment:

  1. The ability to reserve exit rows. (I appreciate this).
  2. A second checked bag. (Since I never check bags, this means nothing to me).
  3. Boarding status with Group Two. (That means I've earned the honor of getting on the plane after Concierge Key, first-class passengers, business-class passengers, families with small children, passengers needing extra assistance, military personnel in uniform, and group one passengers comfortably seated with their bags stowed).
  4. Occasional upgrades. (I mainly get these when flying between minor markets: Head Cheese, , to Sphincter, Wyoming, for example).

Unlike George Clooney's character in Up in the Air, on my one-million and two-million-mile flights, I was rewarded with… wait for it… nothing. No “thank you for flying with us,” no free champagne, no balloons, no confetti, no complimentary upgrade.

No nothing.

Last year, good friends gifted me a subscription to an online winery. They put some money in the account (which I continued to add), and we'd receive monthly deliveries. One day, I received a coupon for $100 off wine from this same company. But when I tried to type the code into my account, I was told it was for new customers only. In response, I pointed out how much we'd spent with them. They said, “No.” Then, I suggested canceling my subscription and starting a new one with the code. No dice.

That was the last time I did business with them.

Loyalty Programs.

How much more productive would loyalty programs be if companies realized that the way to keep their customers loyal is to demonstrate that the is loyal to them?

It should be obvious. But somehow, they either forgot or never cared.

Although this is a big problem, a simple, proven solution exists.

Want to know how to solve this problem for your business? I recently did a Q&A after a where I answered this question. Click HERE or click on the image above to rediscover how to create loyalty.

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