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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, I'm ready to book Bruce. What's next?

Bruce's live and virtual presentations are managed by Arnold Sand at Ode Management. Just contact Arnold at (805) 750-0619 or call Bruce directly at (305) 602-0777.

Either way make every step as easy as possible, from the first conversation to the follow up thank you notes!

Do you customize your presentations for each client?

Great question because I do more than that. Besides making sure that I am creating a specifically for your company and your audience, I also want to make sure I'm always presenting information and that are relevant to right now.

Thanks to this, I don't think I've ever given the exact same presentation twice.

What are your AV requirements?

I like to make this as easy as possible for everyone, including your production staff. I'd like a wireless lavalier microphone and a way to play through the house system (I don't need to control it, I can simply ask the sound technician to play it on my cue).

If the room is large (more than ±100 attendees) and if I'm using a flipchart (depends on your requirements) I'd like a locked down IMAG camera to project my drawings on the large screens flanking the stage.

That's it. As I said, I like to keep things easy for you and your team.

What size groups do you speak to?

I've worked with select corporate audiences small enough to fit around a conference table all the way up a standing room only theater or arena.

I enjoy both the intimacy and connection of working hands-on with smaller groups and the excitement and adrenaline of presenting to the biggest groups.

Do you work with ?

Yes, I've worked with most of the best bureaus around the world and have great relationships with all of them.

Can we book you for in-person AND virtual events?

Of course. My job is to make you look good and to present to your audience in the way that makes the most sense for you and your organization. I am fully equipped to present virtually from my office.

What's more, because I've been on national TV over 400 times, I have access to the same studios that I use to broadcast for , , , and others.

Do you work internationally?

Absolutely – working around the world is one of my favorite things to do. My agent has offices in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia so we can handle a lot of the international for you.

What special things do we have to do for your harmonica experience?

Because we've done this so many times around the world, we've refined it to an exact science. We'll work with you to get the to your location, and we'll include everything you need (including instructions) to have your event coordinators set the room up just right.

We're booking a band or musical act for the evening entertainment. Would you be interested in playing with them?

Absolutley!! My band in has opened for great rock acts including Bo Diddly, Grand Funk, Eddie Money, The Jefferson Airplane, The Young Rascals (not so young anymore, I gotta say!), Bob Weir (The Grateful Dead), Molly Hatchet, The Family Stone (sans Sly), The Grassroots, Mike Pinera (Blues Image), and lots more.

I'd love to play with your entertainers if they'll have me.

Bruce Turkel with Band
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